[The Present Continuous Mix]_001_Death Dwarf

Featuring Italian Sound poetry from the 1960’s, computer music from the father of FM synthesis,French Electroacoustic, drug soaked beat poetry, Ice cold free Jazz, Granular synthesis, Music for a 1930’s synth and more…  

Esperienza  (1966)  Arrigo Lora Totino

Turenas  (1972)   John Chowning

Poersie pour Pouvir tras orquestra e tape  (1958)   Pierre Boulez

Death Dwarf  (1964)  William Burroughs

Straight up and down  (1964)  Eric Dolphy

Blind man  (1979)  Barry Truax

Oraison Ondes Martenot  (1937)  Oliver Messiaen

Text for nothing #8  (1958)  Samuel Beckett

Imaginary landscapes  (1939)  John Cage

Sonic Contours  (1939)  Vladimir Ussachevsky

Esperienza  (1966)  Arrigo Lora Totino


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