[The Present Continuous Mix]_002_Ring Ring

Free Jazz with Soul; Paranoid ramblings; First world problems of a Beat Poet; Dadaesque Noise; The birth of American tape music and more…

Music for the Gift Part 1 (1963)  Terry Riley

Rant #1 (C1961)  Francis E. Dec  (DJ Doc Britton)

I Am a Victim of Telephone (1965)  Allen Ginsberg

Close Radio (C1973)  L.A. Free Music Society

Enthusiasm! Excerpt from the Dombass Symphony (1930)  Dziga Vertov

Music for the Gift Part 5 (1963)  Terry Riley

The World is a Global Village (1965)  Marshall Mcluhan

Piece for Tape Recorder (1956)  Vladimir Ussachevsky

Turtles (C1980)  La Monte Young

Pianoless Vexations (2006)  Erik Satie/Randy Nordschow

Sud Part 1 (1987) Jean-Claude Risset


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