The Avant Garde Project: An Online Archive of Experimental Classical and Electroacoustic music

Salvatore Sciarrino, Lettera degli antipodi portata dal vento

The Avant Garde Project seeks to preserve musical works that have either never seen general release or are out of print. The recordings have been meticulously digitized and are available to download as high-quality 16bit/44000 Htz Flac files.

Alongside the likes of Cage, Stravinsky and Schoenberg the Archive also features a number of fantastic compilations detailing various Electroacoustic movements from around the globe and as such provides lots of undiscovered gems for even the most ardent of fans.

Neatly organised with the digitised recordings are downloadable copies of the original liner notes from each LP and any booklets or inserts. Of particular interest on this front is Vols 1- 4 of ReR quarterly, an English magazine from the late eighties that positioned itself as an alternative to the mainstream music media. It featured everything from acousmatic music to performance poetry and each issue is available in full.

Carl Ruggles, Toys

For newbies to the field, two taster editions are available to download, whilst those looking for even greater esoteria would do well to check out recordings of Hungarian steam trains, Whale song and Inuit throat music

The AGP is clearly one man’s labour of love and we are very lucky to have it; the quality of reproduction is exceptional and the cataloguing meticulous. The listener is invited to download and share in the collection although for those lacking in time or resources Ubuweb have conveniently made a large part of the collection available for listening online.

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