Radio Web Macba: A nonprofit resource of Radiophonic research and education

An offshoot of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
RWM is a purely Web based Radio project with a focus on arts education.
In essence a vast archive of Podcasts, the site is split into a number of Channels or programs much like a conventional Radio platform.

Son[i]a is focused on the museum itself and features interviews with artists, documentaries on Philosophical movements within the arts and information on current exhibitions. Of particular note is a 2012 interview with the late Marc Fisher and the 278 episodes on the Son[i]a channel alone stretch back to 2006.

SON[I]A #278
Jean-Luc Nancy on Sound, listening and the body

The strand of Specials programs explores within each episode, a project from an artist connected to MACBA. The scope here is broad with recent editions covering Pirate radio in London, Swedish concrete poetry, Spanish Postmodernism and the language of Television; poet and Ubuweb founder Kenneth Goldsmith curates a show on the guilty pleasures of modernity and Juan Munoz looks at the influence of architetcure upon music.

The seminal Pirate Radio scene in London

Curatorial deals with Audio art and its many forms and is split into curated programs; each with it’s own focus. Variations from Jon Leidecker looks at appropriation in music and how innovations such as sampling and audio collage have led to a shift in how we perceive the creative act. Lines of Sight deals with the many forms that Radio can take and how the act of transmission informs the process. Parasol Elektroniczny. Rumours From The Eastern Underground covers the sounds of the former Soviet Bloc and Probes is an examination of the post tonal landscape of modern classical music. Finally, Interruptions is an occasional series curated by Wavefarm and featuring an eclectic mix of Sound Art and Avant Garde music.

Short Waves / Long Distance

Lastly the Research Channel is broken down into Avant, a series of programs outlining Spanish Avant Garde music; Composing With Process a look at generative composition alongside artists who work in the field. And Memorabilia Collecting Sounds With... which explores the private sound collections of its various guests. On top on of this huge and constantly growing audio resource are hundreds of related documents, “deleted scenes” from some of the programs, further interviews and a great deal more miscellany.

Steve Stapleton

The sheer volume of content at RWM is almost overwhelming and one may struggle to know where to start. Everything is conveniently available to download however and an RSS feed is available to keep up to date on new posts. The website is also conveniently provided in English, Spanish and Catalan.

All of the programming here is fascinating, in depth and unlike anything one would find elsewhere. If you have even a passing interest in the arts I suggest digging into this resource, you may never have to go looking for a new Podcast ever again.



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