Radio: Phantom Circuit, Strange and Wonderful Sound Waves.

The world of Phantom Circuit is one not easily defined from the usual reference points of genre or Style; with the only real commonality between works featured being the use of Electronics in production.

In the course of an average show, one might find upbeat Jazz infused Electronica sitting happily alongside atonal Musique Concrete. And it is this eclectic esoterica that perhaps defines best the mission that Phantom Circuit has undertaken.

It seeks to guide the listener through a series of shifting perspectives that add up to a feeling of being led by the hand through an Alien landscape; One is totally unaware of what is coming next and as such it is the antithesis to asinine FM radio playlists and paint-by-numbers Rock.

It is also a platform on which obscure tracks from the DIY underground can sit alongside the likes of Eno and Captain Beefheart. There are no concessions to a demographic, Sponsorship or considerations of “reach”.

Phantom Circuit, like so many projects undertaken in this new age of democratised content production, exists because of one man’s passion for discovering out-there sounds and sharing them with like-minded others.

Phantom Circuit is broadcast on Resonance Extra DAB radio in the UK cities of London, Brighton, Bristol, Norwich and Cambridge every Thursday at 23:00 (GMT).

All episodes are also available to stream on the Resonance Extra Mixcloud Channel.

Visit the Phantom Circuit Website for more information and to find out how to submit music for the show.


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