[The Past Imperfect] Audio Artefacts

[The Past Imperfect] Is a series of Audio collages exploring themes of culture, history and the impact of recorded media on our cultural and personal self image.

The series was inspired by the Automatism and cut up techniques of Dada and Surrealism. Whereby any meaning or context is given completely to the observer; or in this case, listener. Thus mirroring the personal and subjective experience we all have with our shared cultural identities.

It also draws upon modern day ideas of Hauntology and the idea of forgotten futures. For every subjective interpretation of these cultural artefacts is possessed by the Ghost of its initial objective reality.

We can all, for instance bring to mind the tropes and aesthetics of War era propaganda films and they evoke in us a variety of reactions. Few, however, could name who made them; say where they were made; or indeed what exactly was in the minds of those who made them.

[The Past Imperfect] also seeks to explore the medium of podcasting in more experimental and abstract ways.

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