Ubuweb – A huge online resource for all things Avant-garde. Curated by the Poet Kenneth Goldsmith; it features Audio, Video and Digitised print media.

Free Music Archive – Avant-Garde section of the internet’s largest free music library. Tracks have various Licencing conditions and it can take a lot of wading to find the gems.

The Apres-Garde – A detailed history of the post war Avant-Garde

The Avant-Garde project – A digitised library of Electroacoustic and modern classical works. All presented with original Liner notes and available for download.

Mixcloud – Home to [The Present Continuous Mix] and many other excellent collections of out there sounds.


Badd press – Keep up to date with developments in the new Avant-Garde

Europeana – Blog and Archive of European art

The Hum – Eclectic take on music, art and literature; with a focus on activism

The Free Jazz Blog – Does what is says on the tin

Radio and Podcasts

Resonance FM – A London based Radio station which also live streams to the rest of the world

Resonance Extra – A sister station to the above, often featuring even more experimental and lesser well known artists

Unexplained Sounds – Weekly sound art and experimental music mixes curated by Italian Artist, Sonologyst

Phantom Circuit – UK based, long running weekly mix of experimental sounds


Destination Out – Net label with a focus on free-jazz.

Chant Records – New York based label with an eclectic and prolific output.

Bastakiya tapes – UAE based label putting everything from Jazz to Noise to IDM.

Unexplained Sounds – Net label off-shoot from podcast of the same name; excellent albums survey the underground scene in various countries.

Touch – Home to many artists who explore experimental approaches to sound.

Ghost box – The label for UK Hauntology.

A Year in the Country – A project exploring all things Hauntology and realised in the form of a series of books alongside some fantastic music.


12 tone matrix generator – Among other resources for the composition of modern classical

Teoria – Music theory reference site, including tutorials and exercises

Hainbach – How-to lessons in Electroacoustic composition and performance from the affable German composer

Amulets – Youtube home of the Portland based experimental musician. Includes advice on tape loops and cassette player conversions.