[The Present Continuous Mix]_003_Presence, La

Prepared Piano, Japanese sound poetry, granular synthesis, two French masters of the Avant Garde, West Coast American Electroacoustic and more… Untitled Piano Carlos Santos Vocailsm Ai Takemitsu Tori Microstructures Włodzimierz Kotoński La Peur Henri Chopin Etude Aux Allures Pierre Schaeffer Alien Bog Pauline Oliveros The Wolfman Robert Ashley Diamorphoses Iannis Xenakis Variations sur 7:elektronische Musik Mayazumi and Moroi Makoto Simultan Roland Kayn Ursonate Kurt Schwitters Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_003_Presence, La

[The Present Continuous Mix]_Jazz Special_Vol. 1

Tracks from the place where Free-Jazz meets the blues. Featuring Miles, Mingus, Dolphy and many more Track List 1 Moanin’ – Charles Mingus 2 Footprints – Miles Davis Quintet 3 Earth – Alice Coltrane and Joe Henderson 4 Air raid – Granchan Moncur III 5 Mothership – Larry Young 6 Subterfuge – Andrew Hill 7 Softly as a Morning Sunrise – Eric Dolphy Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_Jazz Special_Vol. 1

[The Present Continuous Mix]_002_Ring Ring

Free Jazz with Soul; Paranoid ramblings; First world problems of a Beat Poet; Dadaesque Noise; The birth of American tape music and more… Music for the Gift Part 1 (1963)  Terry Riley Rant #1 (C1961)  Francis E. Dec  (DJ Doc Britton) I Am a Victim of Telephone (1965)  Allen Ginsberg Close Radio (C1973)  L.A. Free Music Society Enthusiasm! Excerpt from the Dombass Symphony (1930)  Dziga Vertov … Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_002_Ring Ring

[The Present Continuous Mix]_001_Death Dwarf

Featuring Italian Sound poetry from the 1960’s, computer music from the father of FM synthesis,French Electroacoustic, drug soaked beat poetry, Ice cold free Jazz, Granular synthesis, Music for a 1930’s synth and more…   Esperienza  (1966)  Arrigo Lora Totino Turenas  (1972)   John Chowning Poersie pour Pouvir tras orquestra e tape  (1958)   Pierre Boulez Death Dwarf  (1964)  William Burroughs Straight up and down  (1964)  Eric Dolphy Blind … Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_001_Death Dwarf