American Electroacoustic (1952-1972) – A Buyers Guide

Read more about American Tape music and its pioneering voice Vladamir Ussachevsky here A definitive discography from the Broad field of American Electroacoustic is not easy to compile. Most of the output in the 1950’s and 60’s took the form of compilations or collaborative works; whilst many reissues are no longer in print or of dubious quality. This overview details current CD reissues and downloads. … Continue reading American Electroacoustic (1952-1972) – A Buyers Guide

Profile: Vladamir Ussachevsky – American Tape music and the Electro revolution

…the moment you get away from the handicraft aspect of electronic music — …working with tapes and measuring the tape and cutting the tape, and mixing several tape recorders — …the moment you go completely to a keyboard, with the digital availability of various pre-made timbres and so forth, it’s a different attitude. Ussachevsky (1987) A new wave In The autumn of 1952 a concert took place at the New … Continue reading Profile: Vladamir Ussachevsky – American Tape music and the Electro revolution

[The Present Continuous Mix]_002_Ring Ring

Free Jazz with Soul; Paranoid ramblings; First world problems of a Beat Poet; Dadaesque Noise; The birth of American tape music and more… Music for the Gift Part 1 (1963)  Terry Riley Rant #1 (C1961)  Francis E. Dec  (DJ Doc Britton) I Am a Victim of Telephone (1965)  Allen Ginsberg Close Radio (C1973)  L.A. Free Music Society Enthusiasm! Excerpt from the Dombass Symphony (1930)  Dziga Vertov … Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_002_Ring Ring

[The Present Continuous Mix]_001_Death Dwarf

Featuring Italian Sound poetry from the 1960’s, computer music from the father of FM synthesis,French Electroacoustic, drug soaked beat poetry, Ice cold free Jazz, Granular synthesis, Music for a 1930’s synth and more…   Esperienza  (1966)  Arrigo Lora Totino Turenas  (1972)   John Chowning Poersie pour Pouvir tras orquestra e tape  (1958)   Pierre Boulez Death Dwarf  (1964)  William Burroughs Straight up and down  (1964)  Eric Dolphy Blind … Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_001_Death Dwarf