Review: Ufology – Grey Frequency

All of us are Possessed with two strands of memory, the personal and the collective. The former creates our narratives, the latter our Histories. And in the Liminal space between these records of our past, exists the gap into which promised futures fall. For those of us who grew up in the bleak, austere Britain of Callaghan and Thatcher this dichotomy of memory is exemplified … Continue reading Review: Ufology – Grey Frequency

Profile: Johanna Beyer – Enigmatic Modernist

The accepted timeline of Twentieth Century experimental music is one dominated by White men; with female composers emerging only after the cultural revolutions of the ’50s and ’60s. And whilst this is no doubt a product of contemporary institutionalized sexism that simply didn’t afford women the same opportunities as Men; thought, as they were, better left to “light music” and whimsical chamber works or perceived … Continue reading Profile: Johanna Beyer – Enigmatic Modernist

Review: The Hollow Ward – experiment#508

Released on the intriguing German non-profit label Attenuation Circuit, The Hollow Ward represents a debut album of sorts for Portugal based experiment#508; featuring as he does on many a compilation album from the past two years. Much of this output to date has featured manipulated field recordings, glitchy electronics and foreboding drones. Like mini Radiophonic horror vignettes, his tracks are excursions down those paths of … Continue reading Review: The Hollow Ward – experiment#508

Review: Anthology of Electroacoustic Lebanese Music from the Unexplained Sounds Group.

Background This Album is the latest in a series of releases exploring the experimental music scene in a given country; with previous volumes shining a light on, among others, the Persian; Latin American and Belgian Electronic undergrounds. These anthologies are the brainchild of Raffaele Pezzella, otherwise known as Sonolygist; an Italian Sound Artist and owner of label imprint The Unexplained Sounds Group. A platform created … Continue reading Review: Anthology of Electroacoustic Lebanese Music from the Unexplained Sounds Group.

[The Present Continuous Mix]_003_Presence, La

Prepared Piano, Japanese sound poetry, granular synthesis, two French masters of the Avant Garde, West Coast American Electroacoustic and more… Untitled Piano Carlos Santos Vocailsm Ai Takemitsu Tori Microstructures Włodzimierz Kotoński La Peur Henri Chopin Etude Aux Allures Pierre Schaeffer Alien Bog Pauline Oliveros The Wolfman Robert Ashley Diamorphoses Iannis Xenakis Variations sur 7:elektronische Musik Mayazumi and Moroi Makoto Simultan Roland Kayn Ursonate Kurt Schwitters Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_003_Presence, La

The Avant Garde Project: An Online Archive of Experimental Classical and Electroacoustic music

The Avant Garde Project seeks to preserve musical works that have either never seen general release or are out of print. The recordings have been meticulously digitized and are available to download as high-quality 16bit/44000 Htz Flac files.

Alongside the likes of Cage, Stravinsky and Schoenberg the Archive also features a number of fantastic compilations detailing various Electroacoustic movements from around the globe and as such provides lots of undiscovered gems for even the most ardent of fans.

Continue reading The Avant Garde Project: An Online Archive of Experimental Classical and Electroacoustic music

American Electroacoustic (1952-1972) – A Buyers Guide

Read more about American Tape music and its pioneering voice Vladamir Ussachevsky here A definitive discography from the Broad field of American Electroacoustic is not easy to compile. Most of the output in the 1950’s and 60’s took the form of compilations or collaborative works; whilst many reissues are no longer in print or of dubious quality. This overview details current CD reissues and downloads. … Continue reading American Electroacoustic (1952-1972) – A Buyers Guide

[The Present Continuous Mix]_002_Ring Ring

Free Jazz with Soul; Paranoid ramblings; First world problems of a Beat Poet; Dadaesque Noise; The birth of American tape music and more… Music for the Gift Part 1 (1963)  Terry Riley Rant #1 (C1961)  Francis E. Dec  (DJ Doc Britton) I Am a Victim of Telephone (1965)  Allen Ginsberg Close Radio (C1973)  L.A. Free Music Society Enthusiasm! Excerpt from the Dombass Symphony (1930)  Dziga Vertov … Continue reading [The Present Continuous Mix]_002_Ring Ring